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  Making Silver Coin Rings.

The internet has many good site for instruction. Youtube, for one of course. This is my list of tools needed. later I'll add photos.


Jewel Tool Solid Steel 12" Ring Mandrel - Size 1-15 (Coin into a band)

Pipe, Schedule 40, PVC, 3/4 In (I was able to find two foot lengths at Home Depot. I also use 1/2 in tube. Cut these down to a foot.)

6-Inch Digital Caliper (Find the center of the coin)

Punch and Die Set (Punch a hole in the coin)

Grizzly G8147 Anvil (A solid rest for the Punch set)

Sledge Hammer  (Punch that hole) 

Sanding Sponge, Fine Grit (Remove sharp edges, shape, etc)

Dapping Block (Put a slight bow in the band)

Jewelers Dome Face Nylon Hammer for Metal Smithing

Silver Polish (Don't forget to make that ring shine)

16-Inch Tool Box (Keep organized and project tools together)