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Chickens, the gateway livestock.

  Wild Mushrooms

If you can tell the different between a blueberry and a bowling ball, you can learn to identify some very tasty mushrooms.

2015, this year I collected Hen of the woods, chicken of the forest, oyster mushrooms, pheasant back and cauliflower mushrooms.

I dehydrated the mushrooms and stored these in Mason Jars.

I recommend this pocket knife or similar. It is small enough to carry clipped to my keychain and useful for gathering mushrooms or cleaning fish.

Hen of the Woods (Youtube video I liked)

Chicken of the Woods. (Another good Youtube video)

North American Mycological Association

Boston Mycological Club

PO Box 381024
Boston MA 02238-1024

Cape Cod Mushroom Club

23 Bettys Path
West Yarmouth, MA 02673