Your Planet Needs You!

Chickens, the gateway livestock.

About the Chicken Run:

I like to let the Chickens loose as much as possible. Especially when they stay under the shade of the trees and away from the gardens. But for the safety of the girls and the neighbor's lettuce leaves , unsupervised time has to be in the chicken run.

I reused an old patio Gazebo that was damaged by a storm. I nailed the four end pieces to 2 x 4 footings, this gives the hens an 8' x 10' x 10' run.  The corners of the chicken run are very decorative and have small shelves.

Once the frame was up, it was wrapped twice in fencing. A layer of  Fence Wire and then another of Chicken Wire to keep out everything from squirrels to a hawks.  In corners where the hens like to perch,  I added patches of Hardware Cloth Fencing  to keep raccoons from reaching in.

I had all the fencing, chicken wire and hardware wire available for free from other projects. If I had to purchase this , I would have made a smaller run and just purchased the Hardware Cloth Fencing .

If I was to change this run, the first thing would be the door. The door opens just above the ground and I would change that to open a foot off the ground. The way that it is now, it gets jammed closed from snow and ice in the winter.