Your Planet Needs You!

Chickens, the gateway livestock.


Chicken #1, 

Brown Chicken, A Golden Comet Chicken.

She moved up the ranks when old #1 died and her rival went broody.

She used to give extra large eggs but stopped laying in her third winter.

She now regularly crows and defends the flock.

The Black Chicken,   Australorp, #2  AKA "Mother"

She's two years old.  She's very vocal and growls.

She lays small brown eggs when she's not broody

New Chicken #3

Brown with a black tail, she is the daughter of Chicken #3

She lays a Large brown egg.

Light brown hen is a Buff Orpington  #4 AKA "Goldie"

Too young to lay.

Black and White chick is a Wyandotte.   #5

Too Young to lay. Lowest in the rank.