Your Planet Needs You!

Chickens, the gateway livestock.

About the Treat Dispenser:

The treat dispenser is the wooden box in the center of the picture. The box itself is just a mount for a 12 volt motor inside the box. A pvc pipe extends out of the box about 8 inches. The tube has one 1" hole on top and two on the bottom. Inside the tube and connected to the shaft of the motor is an old 1" dia hand drill bit. It has a large spiral. 

A plastic bottle  filled with freeze-dried meal worms rests on the upper hole of the pvc and gravity feeds the meal worms into the tube below and between the large spiral gaps of the drill bit.

When the motor is activated, the screw turns counter clockwise and pulls the mealworms along the tube until these reach the bottom holes and fall to the ground below.

The camera has a feature to trigger an output manually. A feature that a security camera operator usually uses to turn on lights or trigger a horn. In this case, the operator wants to give a treat to his hens.

Treats can also be scheduled and dispensed automatically.

Duct Tape holds a lot of it together. (lets call it a prototype)

Here is a wiring diagram between the camera and motor using an ALTRONIX RBSNTTL Relay .