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Chickens, the gateway livestock.

Some Favorite Links

Chicken Links

Chicken Coops  Virginia Cooperative Extension
Smallflocks  The University of Kentucky
CDC Risks of Backyard Poultry

Eagle Cam. (I know, not as cool as a Chicken Cam)

Youtube -

Hazards of Backyard Chickens.  ( She's wrong. I can quit anytime.)
Pallet Chicken Coop can be a Castle for your birds.
Entertaining recycled material coop video  

Farmers Markets

National Farmers' Market Directory

Local products, availablity, selection, food storage, agricultural community and events in Massachusetts.

Agri-Tourism Farms Dairy Farms    
Dairy Farms    Plain View Alpaca Farm
Massachusetts Farmers' Markets
Maple Syrup
Wine & Cheese Aqua Farming


Egg recipes @ American Egg Board