Your Planet Needs You!

Chickens, the gateway livestock.

Five tips on Winter.

1)  Use a Heated Water Bowl  or replace frozen water with warm fresh water as needed.

2)  Add grit to  feed. Snow, frozen ground and prolonged time indoors all combine to make it hard for hens to find enough grit  for proper digestion.

3)  My chickens hate the snow when the temperature drops below 20. I'll shovel and clear the snow for  them but my tip is to have straw available to spread on the ground. This ground covering makes all the difference.

4)  Get a Wireless Thermometer. Now you don't have to guess if the coop is warm enough. Of course, different breeds have different cold tolerance but you'll have the information you need to make changes.

5) If you want to use a heat lamp. Read this blogger's page. It's a complete page of excellent safety tips.